From then to now

I've been online since 1994. I think I created my first webpage in the same year, on my university's server. This was before Wayback Machine, so there's no record of it, you'll just have to take my word for it. In the years that followed I've also made pages/sites for organisations and projects I was involved in, as well as for friends and family. Even though some of those early websites were cringeworthy by today's standards (original Geocities, anyone?), it would've be fun to revisit them for nostalgia's sake.

With the onset of "blogging" around the turn of the century as a way to frequently update a site with fresh content and news, plus the proliferation of social networks over the past decade, we're dumping more and more info and content onto the web. While not everything is worth salvaging, I'd still like to keep a record, a digital paper trail if you will. So that's my idea for this site, where you'll find a collection of links and lists, perhaps more for my own convenience/reference than anyone else's.

Maybe later on I'll add a blog or other functions to this website, but the cool thing is all the changes and incarnations will be preserved for posterity on GitHub! (as long as GitHub is around...)

If there's one certainty in this age of cloud computing and *aaS over the Internet, is that nothing is forever. Websites and services come and go. Case in point: while Instagram is still alive and well, one of their features, the Photo Map, was removed last year. They claimed that it was not widely used, but it happened to be my favourite feature. There's an alternative from The Data Pack, and although it's not as convenient as having the map in-app, at least I can embed it here!

And finally, to make it look like this page gets updated more than it actually does, here's a stream of my latest tweets via Probably easier just to follow me on twitter/social network of your choice.